Thursday, October 29, 2009


Zombieland was released in theaters a couple months ago. I got the chance to see it on premier night. Least to say it's going to be a definitive staple in one's zombie collection.

After getting a quality version of this movie and watching it several times, the novelty of the movie dies quickly. While the first time watching Zombieland can be quite enjoyable, the second, or even third time turns it into a dull bore. Instead of laughing in your stoned stupor, you question the characters, the outbreak, and the entire unreality of it all. While many came before it, Zombieland has now become the poster-child for Zombie Comedy. A sequel, (which is planned to be in 3D), is already in the works.

PSN Zombie Games

Zombie Tycoon - PSN

Not too sure what the fuck is going on this this one, but it comes out October 29th on the PlayStation Network.

Burn Zombie Burn! - PSN

Also for the PlayStation Network.

Have at thee!

I'll probably never play these.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Left4Dead 2 Trailer