Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Decomposing Womb will go through some changes in the couple months, no I haven't abandoned the blog, I just find it hard to blog about all the complete fucking bullshit that has come out as "zombie" news. It seems like every day a low budget zombie movie, zombie comic book, zombie video game, or what have you spews out of society and into our brains. While I have a fetish, addiction, and fascination with zombies, so does the rest of society. To the right you'll find plenty of other zombie sites that constantly post and update the plethora of fuck that comes through your RSS feeds.

So, in light of that. Decomposing Womb will move away from becoming a completely zombie-oriented site. While I'll continue to highlight the bad-ass, quality, or otherwise completely grotesque of zombie culture, I would like to open the blog up to more brutality, porn, death, music, and discussion of social, mental, and cultural zombism in real life.

Really, this is just an update, and a promise for shit to come.

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